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Exclusive Interview w/ Sean McEvoy

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We have on the show today Sean McEvoy with the Fan Show Host Alex Berger. Sean is a private quarterback coach that trains players at any age and most notably he coaches one of Auburn back up quarterbacks. He is a certified quarterback coach with National Football Academies and He is also involved with Nike’s elite 11 camp coming up summer.


Picture of Sean McEvoy at a summer program with Malik Willis Auburn Quarterback and Michael Vick Retired NFL quarterback Sean McEvoy left, Malik Wills Center, Michael Vick right,

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Alex and Sean give you perspective on the SEC championship from an X’s and O’s offensive standpoint. We talk about Auburn and Georgia offense & quarterback play. Sean breaks down Auburn’s offense and explains each element of their offense. Sean talks about Jared Stidham and how he has improved since the beginning of the season.

Sean gives his take on the Georgia offense. Sean explains that the run-pass option play is better for a young quarterback to run from the standpoint of that you’re not giving the young quarterback too much while simplifying your offense. Sean talks about a visit he had at Georgia’s scrimmage during the summer and what he saw out of Fromm & Eason. If you really enjoy X’s and O’s talk then you’re going to enjoy this conversation.

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